The One Percent at OSU

Last year I made this booklet to try to get the word out about the Institute for Policy Studies report that ranked Ohio State the #1 most unequal public university in the country. The report shows the clear connection between high student debt, low faculty wages, and the extreme increase in administrative pay (combined with … Continue reading The One Percent at OSU

Two Updates

1. Two of my short rants have been published as letters to the Dispatch and Lantern. (There is a grammatical error in the Lantern piece, which I claim no responsibility for.) I very much suspect that the vast hordes of undergraduates at my school don’t really know what’s going on; they take student debt–and indeed … Continue reading Two Updates

Natinal Adjunct Walkout Day and Ohio State

UPDATE: As of 12:46 est, 2.22.15, I have received a reply to my letter. It is clear that the reply attempts to address my concerns sincerely, and I am thankful for it. According to their response, “We would LOVE a larger protest, but in order to have a successful walk-out, there must be a substantial … Continue reading Natinal Adjunct Walkout Day and Ohio State