Google Alphabet

  amazon apple aol american airlines bank of america best buy barnes and noble big 5 craigslist chase costco dictionary disneyland disneyland-theme park disneyland-disneyland hotel, california dmv dominos espn ebay expedia etsy facebook forever 21 fandango fedex google gmail google maps google translate hotmail home depot hulu h&m iphone 5 imdb instagram ikea jetblue … Continue reading Google Alphabet

Assembled Book Poems* One and Two

*For these poems, I select a number of books that I own, open them to random pages, and select random lines. I then assemble these lines into poems. Assembled Book Poem No. 1[1] how would ‘subjectivity’ without a subject or object be –about which, incidentally, Bloch has nothing to say– equally true for those, who, … Continue reading Assembled Book Poems* One and Two

Spam Poetry

1. To master the best Swedish Culture in Get the job done Top rated the style model Debt helpful Foldable process, Additionally, The rate grade manner is without a doubt legendary all over the world 2. At present, the information chain alot More via the classic body Water line lengthened to help you wholesale handbags … Continue reading Spam Poetry