New Music (Again!)

A few years ago, I was working on my M.A. and had almost no time to play music. In order to work on something musical when and where I could, I asked my friends to send me individual recordings that I planned to put together into tracks. I had hoped that this process would be … Continue reading New Music (Again!)

Field Recording: Public Transit

After 2.5 years in Los Angeles, I finally took a train somewhere. Turns out the Gold Line connects my neighborhood to a handful of others. Monday, I took it down to Little Tokyo and made this recording: The end actually transitions to a little shop where I was playing with toy instruments. Some old ladies … Continue reading Field Recording: Public Transit

The First Week of Geosound

I am taking a class with Michael Pisaro. Besides being inspired to do the work of the class itself (eg. writing papers/reading) I have been thinking of ways to turn the content of his lectures into some kind of work. Before that, though, I have these: five short field recordings from five locations. I made … Continue reading The First Week of Geosound