Assembled Book Poem* No. 3

*For these poems, I select books that I own, open them to random pages, and select random lines. After compiling these lines, I arrange them into poems.

Assembled Book Poem No. 3 [1]

“there would be two of us”
you need that, and you deserve it
a faint doorbell
old age?
looked up at the pair of moons

contradictory truths
already knew me and had seen me
they would be all the more ready

because the life she led was so very different from those of the children
he felt the same
he is looking at what I am looking at
the hallucination paid him no visit

it was more than
almost nothing

and I only mention this out of love for truth
and though I crossed continent after continent
whirled upward in the icy currents
I moved my right eye, its lid half closed

“Just like that?”

[1] 1Q84, Cosmicomics, The Amber Spyglass

Links and Pie

My friends do interesting things. Some put those things online:

Joe is now writing a sports column for the Defend Cleveland show. His latest article on what to expect from the Cavs this season is up today. He also does a podcast through that website every Friday.

Cole is taking portraits in Ohio.

Mike is writing voice to poetry.

Alex is writing haiku.

And there are more on my links page. The links are kind of hard to spot, but they are underlined faintly.

In other news, I made a pie out of some pumpkins on Sunday. It came out pretty well.

I used Serious Eats’ basic pie dough recipe and this for the filling (subbing real milk for evaporated).


Assembled Book Poems* One and Two

*For these poems, I select a number of books that I own, open them to random pages, and select random lines. I then assemble these lines into poems.

Assembled Book Poem No. 1[1]

how would ‘subjectivity’ without a subject or object be
–about which, incidentally, Bloch has nothing to say–
equally true for those, who, still in a state of “tutelage”

their wood had been consumed and
the nows of summer glitter in a ring

flung it open and continued to follow him
down the mountainside, in a cloud of clinging dust

Assembled Book Poem No. 2 [2]

Run for your very life

I’m beginning to

her focal point
staring first at the shirt
the mouths
with a carnation of pink sugar

a rather refreshing eyesore

he lived alone
but still achingly
this last emphasized word

doing what?

and things are more or less
at this point futile
have intelligence enough to see that
he’s almost done with all that
just listen to this

and I could not

he had done so
that new toothpaste

compared with the noise
these other people

and sadder
I ever saw
of anybody else, at all


[1] Slaughterhouse Five, The Phantom Tollbooth, Between Past and Future, Aesthetics and Politics, Metapolitics, Poetry Magazine, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

[2] The Broom of the System alternating with Franny and Zooey


Two Poems of Words Intermittently Heard in a Lecture


There is no subjective sonic environment
A location without time
If that has any meaning at all
Has those choices open to her

Is your brain a part of your location?
What we can say is that it is infinite
And in multiple dimensions

We didn’t even start talking about
How people feel


To a manually seen
Not just abstraction
And I started thinking

The action of the government upon its citizens
Outside against etymology
We tend to name places
At least a nation

The words that we use
Without knowing it

Salient involves imaginative
Uses that word by way of
The reading two parts of
After immediately

Geographical orientations
Or not
To me

Infra-Ordinary (1)

It used to be that I bought a disposable camera when I had something important to do. A wedding, a Halloween party, etc. Then I got a digital camera in college, and brought it around to many more places. Today I am literally never without a camera, because it is my phone and my appendage. For others who carry their cameras like I do, I think the pictures aren’t just different in their appearance–we are also taking pictures of different things. When a camera is nearly seamlessly integrated into your normal waking life, the every-day image becomes a framed subject.

Spam Poetry

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Foldable process,

The rate grade manner is without a doubt legendary all over the world

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The First Week of Geosound

I am taking a class with Michael Pisaro.

Besides being inspired to do the work of the class itself (eg. writing papers/reading) I have been thinking of ways to turn the content of his lectures into some kind of work.

Before that, though, I have these: five short field recordings from five locations. I made these recordings on my iPhone while performing David Dunn’s Purposeful Listening in Complex States of Time. It is interesting to listen to these recordings after the fact and hear things I never heard initially.

I know it sounds like nothing at first, but of course it is really everything. If you listen carefully, I promise there is something interesting in each one.