Contingent Encounters: Improvisation in Music and Everyday Life (University of Michigan Press, 2022).

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Race, Gender, and Jazz School: Chord-Scale Theory as White Masculine
Technology”, Jazz and Culture vol. 6, no. 1 (Spring 2023).

“Improvisation as Contingent Encounter, Or: The Song of My Toothbrush”, Critical Studies in Improvisation/Études critiques en improvisation vol. 12, no. 2 (2018)

Book Chapters

“Rancière and Improvisation: Reading Contingency in Music and Politics”, in Rancière and Music, edited by João Pedro Cachopo, Patrick Nickleson, Chris Stover (Edinburgh University Press, 2020). 

Editor Reviewed/Public Scholarship

“Q&A with Dan DiPiero, author of Contingent Encounters,” University of Michigan Press Blog (August 24, 2022)

“Reparation as Damage: Review of Patricia Stuelke’s The Ruse of Repair“, boundary 2 online (February 10, 2022)

“The Impossibility of Critique: On The French Dispatch & May ’68”, Cleveland Review of Books (December 28, 2021).

“Big Feelings: Feminist Affect in Indie Rock After 2000,”Journal of Popular Music Studies 33, no. 4 (December): 16-22.

“Review: Anthony Reed’s Soundworks: Race, Sound, and Poetry in Production (Duke University Press), Journal of Popular Music Studies 33, no. 4 (December): 219-222.

“Feeling Spaces and Spatial Feelings: On The Ophelias’ Crocus“, Blog/Los Angeles Review of Books (October 19, 2021).

“Climate Changing: Playlist for a changing planet”, Wexner Center for the Arts Blog, “Read, Watch, Listen” (February 1 2021).

“Bracing for Impact: Music, Millennials, and What Comes After COVID-19”, Blog/Los Angeles Review of Books (May 11, 2020). 

“This and The Coming Crisis: Reid Anderson, Dave King, and Craig Taborn’s Golden Valley Is Now”Blog/Los Angeles Review of Books (February 3, 2020).

“Tik Tok: Post-Crash Party Pop, Compulsory Presentism, and the 2008 Financial Collapse”, Sounding Out! (October 21, 2019).

“Improvising What?”: A Review of Georgina Born, Eric Lewis, and Will Straw’s Improvisation and Social Aesthetics, boundary 2 online (October 11, 2017).  

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