Being on the academic job market means spending loads of time working on materials for reasons that almost never make themselves apparent. Sometimes that involves designing sample syllabi for courses that one hasn’t taught, an opportunity that is both productive (insofar as it’s really helpful in a lot of ways to have courses ready to go in your areas of specialization), and at the same time tragic (insofar as one continues to apply for jobs in the hopes of one day being able to teach these courses, but…well).

Today I’m sharing a syllabus that I’ve been working on in the hopes that it is helpful–to you or to me! If you find it useful, please let me know. If you find it lacking (or otherwise have suggestions/want to contribute to it), please let me know. I’m sharing it here because I fear it will never see the light of day otherwise, and because I’m sure it can only be improved through talking with others.

Here it is, then:


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