New Hands

A little while ago, Aaron asked me to write something for this guitar group. I did, and then they performed it.

I think it sounds really good. What do you think?

Here is the score.

Here is the recording:

From the program notes:

“New Hands is a continuation in a series of compositions experimenting with incorporating improvised elements into the form of the pieces themselves. The first movement is all about single pitches (which are not specified), and the exciting possibilities that can come about when nobody knows what the other performers will play. Limiting the improvisation to two factors (what note and what rhythm) maintains the possibility for melody and harmony (but does not guarantee them).

The second movement is a solo with strictly written pitches, but the guitar is detuned, again preventing advanced knowledge of the resulting sounds.

The third movement specifies only intervals and chord qualities; two parts are the mirror of each other, while the soloist improvises with noise.”

Many thanks to Aaron, Larry, Aditya, and Dennis for playing it.

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