Mr. Tako

Last week, Aaron Quinn put together a show at Kafe Kerouac with three sets: solo guitar, guitar/drum duo, and Alex’s band Small Songs.

I’m the other half of the drum and guitar band, which is called Mr. Tako. We think the recording came out pretty well, so we have put it on the internet.

The special thing about duo playing, for me, is that it is perhaps the setting that is most transparently improvisatory. What I mean is that there is nothing in standing in between the interaction of the two players, either in the music-making process or in how the audience hears the music. It is easier for the musicians themselves to interact (one is tempted to say ‘communicate’, but I dislike the connotation that there is a conversation happening when people improvise) and it is also easier for the audience to experience the twists and turns of improvised music since there is never really an overwhelming amount of auditory information; it’s just two instruments.

We wrote some music for this gig, three tunes each plus a free song to start. I’ll post a little bit about my charts later in the week. Hopefully, we’ll get to do this again soon.

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