Summer (II)

My summer projects continue to roll along. Things that are over split open into new things. These are some:

  • The Tom Davis Trio/Quartet, coming off great ComFest and Jazz and Ribs shows, will be playing every Sunday for a while at The Walrus. Thanks to everyone who has made it to some of our shows this summer, especially a certain contingent from Cleveland.
  • I also played ComFest with the Turtle Boat Trio. That band is sounding great all the time no matter who is playing. Check it out for sure.
  • Small Songs, the super special #FeelingsVortex run by my housemate Alex just played its first show in many months at the It Looks Like It’s Open gallery. We were all really happy with how the show came out, and I will post more from this band very soon. Things are happening.
  • Aaron Quinn is coming to Columbus soon, which means even more things are happening. One of them is this Ursonate Guitar Quartet show happening at my alma-mater. They will be playing commissions from Columbus composers, including one of mine.
  • Aaron and I are going to play a duo show at a time and place yet to be determined. Stay tooned.
  • Too is going to record together for the first time ever on Friday.

In other news: summer school is almost over already, and I’m still reading books.

More very soon.

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