Hello friends.

I have been traveling for the past month, but soon will return to Ohio for the summer. I have a few things going on:

First, I’ve recently been playing with my old buddy Tom once again. Coming off his Dick’s Den residency (which was really fun) we’ll be playing a few more summer dates:

25 June, 21:00-1:00: Tom Davis Quartet at Carabar

26 June, 14:40-15:30: Tom Davis Trio at ComFest (I Wish You Jazz Stage)

18 July, 11:00-12:30: Tom Davis Quartet at Jazz and Ribs Fest (Jazz Café)

Second, I’m in SUMMER SCHOOL, which will be great. I have to read a lot of books and learn French.

Finally, rest assured that Too is hard at work writing songs where nothing ever happens. We are continuously recording long-distance, but will also record TOGETHER in July. You are not as excited as I am, but there’s still time.

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