Two Updates

1. Two of my short rants have been published as letters to the Dispatch and Lantern. (There is a grammatical error in the Lantern piece, which I claim no responsibility for.) I very much suspect that the vast hordes of undergraduates at my school don’t really know what’s going on; they take student debt–and indeed the idea of paying for an education–as a given fact. My hope is that engaging the entire student body in a conversation will make it apparent that this isn’t a natural state of affairs; it’s a specific structure that benefits specific people: only those at the top, and never students or teachers.

2. I have added four (4!>!()!?) bonus tracks to my weird solo project.

Thank you for listening.

Comparative Studies Departmental Conference


If you are around and inclined, there will be a departmental conference on April 17. My brother made the poster:

Dan's Poster final

This will be a nice opportunity to see the various things Comparative Studies people are getting into, as the conference is just meant as an opportunity to present some of the work that’s been done this year. I’ll be speaking on political art and “Blurred Lines”. As usual, the paper with footnotes will appear here afterwards.