Assembled Book Poem* No. 3

*For these poems, I select books that I own, open them to random pages, and select random lines. After compiling these lines, I arrange them into poems.

Assembled Book Poem No. 3 [1]

“there would be two of us”
you need that, and you deserve it
a faint doorbell
old age?
looked up at the pair of moons

contradictory truths
already knew me and had seen me
they would be all the more ready

because the life she led was so very different from those of the children
he felt the same
he is looking at what I am looking at
the hallucination paid him no visit

it was more than
almost nothing

and I only mention this out of love for truth
and though I crossed continent after continent
whirled upward in the icy currents
I moved my right eye, its lid half closed

“Just like that?”

[1] 1Q84, Cosmicomics, The Amber Spyglass

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